Strategy & stories

We help you find and tell the stories that can move you and your company. We write, film or podcast your stories to the relevant platforms

PR and issue management

Are your stories relevant for the public? We help you get your stories in the media if they have the potential

Innovation and concepts

Do you need innovative ideas? We help you design, drive and facilitate idea -and innovation processes

Training and workshops

We teach innovation, entrepreneurship, communication and journalism at the university. We arrange and facilitate workshops

Powerful presentations

Lionel Messi didn’t become one of the worlds best soccer players without practice. Most likely you won’t become a great public speaker without training. Through Talerakademiet we offer presentation training, either through workshops with several participants or individual coaching.

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We're ready to tailor a product that suits your company's challenges. Drop us a line or give us a shout and we'll find a solution together.